American Public Gardens Association
2019 Conference
Washington D.C. June 17-21, 2019

Soils: Key to Greater Sustainability
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The Living Landscape
Date / Time: 
Tuesday, June 18, 2019 - 11:00am to 12:00pm
Congressional B
L. Vickerman, Denver Botanic Gardens, Denver, Colorado; F. Spicer, Chicago Botanic Garden, Glencoe, Illinois
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Soil, fundamental to all public gardens and farms, is not an inert substance but a home to a complex biome of invertebrates, bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and nematodes all interacting to sustain and enhance plant life, if only we will let it! Plant life has evolved to feed this array of animals and microbes through root secretions and symbiotic root relationships. Unfortunately, most garden professionals are dealing with soils that require infusions of synthetic substances to maintain adequate plant growth. New garden creation and soil preparation methods will be shared plus first hand results of using new products that can enhance the underground biome to help plants thrive. Participants will learn to correct major physical issues with soil structure and drainage, while fostering dynamic soil biome/plant interactions for greater plant growth and water efficiency.


This session is approved for 1 LACES credit hours.








This session is approved for 1 ISA credit hours.